yeah, so, i don't code anymore.

for the first time in my life, i am actually done with this shit.
done sitting in a dark, noisy room, hunched over, staring at a small screen all day.
done busting my ass while everyone else goofs around.
done working so hard just to have it all scrapped because the client never wanted it in the first place.
done being the only person who can actually get anything done.
done being the only person you can give an absurdly complicated project to & expect results, so you sack me with some impossible project that ruins me & act like it's not your fucking fault.

i don't even have a life anymore.

so now, i'm going to try to get over this thing, try to be a human being again. now i'm going to put all of this behind me and be a different person. because quitting this stooge job is only the beginning.